Jupiter Meta launches the first fully curated NFT marketplace in India

February 25, 2022

By Tiasha Chatterjee

Jupiter Meta launched the first fully curated NFT marketplace in India, which went live on Feb 23. This digital marketplace focuses on gaming, music, and films, and aims to design a singular experience for all users to boost their time in the metaverse.

In a time when NFTs are taking over the digital collectables and art world by storm, Jupiter Meta decided to launch the first fully curated NFT marketplace in India. Founded by Sathyan Rajan and Chakradhar Reddy Kommera, Jupiter Meta has future plans to extend into the growing Web 3.0 space.

The startup wants to bring its users “a more involved and personal feel to their metaverse interactions.” Jupiter Meta’s marketplace is backed up by its personal level 1 Rubix blockchain technology, which has no gas fees. The blockchain is sustainable, green, and fully secure for its user base.

The company also plans to launch the first digital wall art in India, celebrating the spirits of Chennai. Labelled the ‘Icons of Singara Chennai’, it is a collection of digital art pieces of Chennai’s monuments, food, locations, and other symbolic representations. These things will be sold in the Jupiter Meta marketplace as NFTs for people to purchase. The project is being directed by Karthik SS of 108 Collective.

Manasa Rajan, business head of Jupiter Meta said, “Jupiter Meta is an outcome of our vision to create a metaverse for all, for every creative mind, and not just tech buffs. We are witnessing just the beginning of a revolutionary shift in what Web 3.0 can allow us to do and are happy to be starting our journey with the marketplace.”

Jupiter Meta is the owner of the NFTs and will sell them on the marketplace. As of now, there are 12 art pieces, and the company intends to mint multiple copies of each artwork for sale. If you want to buy the NFT, you will be required to register on the marketplace and open a wallet account. These NFTs will be sold according to their fixed prices.


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