Indian crypto exchange Unocoin says users can now pay for coffee, pizza using Bitcoin

August 10, 2021
We’re living in invigorating times for crypto in India. We’re witnessing thriving daily trade volumes, rise in the number of crypto and blockchain startups in the country, and interest in crypto at new highs. The new exciting news in the crypto sphere is that cryptocurrency exchange Unocoin is now offering its users an option to buy gift vouchers from at least 90 different brands using Bitcoin, according to NDTV.
A few brands namely Domino’s Pizza, Café Coffee Day, Baskin-Robbins, Himalaya and Prestige.
The company further clarified that this offer can be availed by those Bitcoin holders who have done their Know Your Customer (KYC) verification. Users can avail of gift vouchers from an array of brands across sectors such as travel, restaurants, lifestyle, clothing, accessories, hotels, and more. In a statement, Unocoin CEO and co-founder Sathvik Vishwanath said, ““In countries like the United States, there are tens of thousands of physical retailers and e-commerce portals that accept Bitcoin as a payment method, but India does not yet have such acceptance. This new service answers the general question of where someone can use Bitcoin in India”.
Unocoin says qualified users must log in to their account to access and click on the BTC page to use the voucher.  If you are using the app, the option is on the dashboard more section. The app will display the voucher value in Indian Rupees, select the desired voucher and the corresponding Bitcoin price will be displayed. The user can pay the amount to receive the voucher code.
The Bengaluru-based startup founded in 2013 operates the country’s largest Bitcoin trading platform as per the press release.
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