Ethereum market share rising rapidly and now at 26%, says Coinshares

August 10, 2021

Total investment product AuM is now back at US$50bn, the highest level since mid-May. Ethereum market share is again rapidly rising and now represents 26% of investment products, compared to just 11% at the beginning of 2021.

Digital asset investment products saw the 5th week of outflows totalling US$26m, although the magnitude of the outflows is much less than May and June, according to Coinshares weekly report.

Despite the positive price movements, Bitcoin continued to bear the brunt of the outflows, totalling US$33m last week. Ethereum saw minor inflows totalling US$2.8m last week, it has not seen the same level of outflows over the last few months relative to Bitcoin.

Other altcoins all saw minor inflows, such as XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano and multi-asset which saw inflows of US$1.1m, US$1m, US$0.8m and US$0.8m respectively.

We have seen the number of funds/investment products listed accelerate recently with a record 37 launched this year compared to the previous high of 30 seen in 2018. The majority of these have been in actively managed funds, although their market share remains very small at 2.5% relative to passive investment products.

Image credit: PxHere

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