Web3 Infra Project Launches Community Initiative

By Murtuza Merchant

Web3 infrastructure project, Pocket Network on Monday announced the launch of a community initiative to support growth among blockchain communities.

Dubbed “TriForce,” it allows community members to launch, maintain, and grow blockchain traffic for their respective ecosystems while empowering them to be a part of Pocket Network’s growth trajectory and strengthening community ties among supported blockchains.

Developed in conjunction with Pocket Network Inc, Pocket Network Foundation, and Pocket DAO, the TriForce program is open to community members of all blockchains that Pocket currently supports or will add support for soon.

“Web3 is built on a foundation of open standards,” said Michael O’Rourke, CEO of Pocket Network.

“As the internet moves away from the top-down model synonymous with Web2, community-centric models for project management, treasury oversight, and key decision-making have risen to prominence. Pocket’s TriForce program aligns with this narrative, supporting the open discourse and grassroots engagement that are a mainstay of Web3.”

Each TriForce consists of three components, known collectively as “shards.” Blockchain communities can get involved in marketing, business development and technical support for developers.

As the program matures, the company anticipates blockchain communities will ultimately assume responsibility for developing new on-chain use cases and identifying new ways to grow their network.

Pocket Network currently supports 50 blockchains.

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