US-based Summus Global joins with Guardtime to create healthcare blockchain platform

By Staff Writer

US-based Summus Global, an expert physician network, has announced a partnership with leading global enterprise blockchain platform, Guardtime, to deliver next generation virtual health concierge services to the Asian market.

The two will work with global and local insurance sector players to provide services to existing policyholders and penetrate new markets in Asia, especially in markets with relative lack of access to first-rate medical facilities.

The partnership will create an integrated platform to combine video or voice access to medical specialists from anywhere in the world with a blockchain technology that is compliant with General Data Protection Rule (GDRP) that went into effect in May.

The platform will help consumers provide virtual access within days to more than 4000 specialists at the world’s top hospitals such as the Hospital for Special Surgery, Stanford Medicine, Mount Sinai, and Massachusetts General, among others.

With Guardtime’s HSX health connectivity platform, medical data and images can be transferred from one jurisdiction to another in accordance with local regulatory guidelines for consent.

Julian Flannery, chief executive of Summus Global, said that blockchain technology’s “applications to healthcare, in particular, to the integrity of medical records and recording patient consent for data sharing across borders, are significant.”

Guardtime’s partnership marks an important step in combining a “virtual connection to specialist physicians from anywhere in the world with satisfying regulatory consent requirements and providing assurance on the provenance and veracity of a personal care pathway,” said Glen Ogden, general manager of Guardtime Health.

This collaboration presents a unique opportunity for all players in the healthcare ecosystem from providers and medical institutions, insurers and payers to end-users.

The platform and concierge health services will initially aim to target high net worth and affluent populations across Asia and also be deployed as a corporate benefit.

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