The NextMoon Metaverse: Fractionalizing the moon into 3D NFTs

May 26, 2022

By Murtuza Merchant

Built as a 1:1 unique 3D moon on the Solana blockchain, the NextMoon boasts a realistic digital simulation of life in space.

What’s more, you can even own a piece of the Moon in the form of an NFT!

But before we learn how to buy these moon NFTs, let’s find out: what is the NextMoon metaverse exactly?

What is the NextMoon Metaverse?

The NextMoon is a metaverse project featuring a 1:1 3D moon on the Solana blockchain.

Here, there are 8,230 plots of land on the moon that you can own as NFTs. Besides that, all aspiring space explorers will get to scout the moon in a cool space suit with a spaceship in a simulation game as shown above.

The team has put great care into replicating the Earth’s moon in this metaverse. Every single crater and landmark on the moon is fully illustrated on the map as shown above. For instance; the Sea of Showers, a vast lava plain on the Moon, and one of the larger craters in the Solar System are all included. Without a doubt, the level of details and intricacies being put into the NextMoon is truly impressive.

How to buy a NextMoon NFT?

NextMoon has launched the public sale of its land NFTS. In total, there are 3 types of NFT lands to choose from, which are Desert, Craters, and Landmarks.

Desert: Most common NFT land selling at 2 SOL each.

Craters: These are uncommon huge structures with unlimited potential. You might even find lava tubes lying beneath your very own craters. This NFT land is selling at 15 SOL each.

Landmarks: This is the most sought-after NFT land of all on NextMoon. Here, iconic landmarks of human civilization on the moon, including the Apollo missions, are yours to own for 25 SOL each.


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