Sustainable development goals plus NFTs equals blockchain technology in creative arts

By Dr. Shirley MC Yeung

Under COVID-19, a triangulation among well-being (people), wellness (state of emotion), and wellness in creative art-cultural activities (tasks) is worth exploring with qualitative analysis and proactive initiatives identified in open source databases.

According to the purple paper published by ImpactNFT Alliance mentioned that NFTs can be treated as marketing and branding assets with transactions in the open market. With the innovative use of NFTs and emerging technology of blockchain, clear guidelines with blockchain governance mechanism are expected to ensure the production and consumption of virtual assets (NFTs) are responsible (SDG#12) and have been clearly understood from the communities with the use of innovative technology (SDG#9).

Renowned Artist – Mr. Foo, Sai Heng demonstrates Chinese Calligraphy Writing of “Art”,
applied “Tai Chi Flow” into different styles of Chinese Writing for Calmness and Inner Peace

The paper echos to the key researching findings (3 levels of social inclusive quality indicators in higher education) of Yeung (2018) on integrating quality management system, corporate social responsibility guidelines, with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) and blockchain related documents for three levels for social inclusive quality indicators in relation to blockchain content distribution technology identified:

1) Governance with transparency,

2) Trust building with the sustainable community in needs fulfilment; and

3) Industry innovations with risk and security audit mechanism.


Hilary Wong, Cofounder, Hong Kong Creates Limited (left) and
Willie Chung, Founder, Hong Kong Creates Limited and
Creator of King of Kowloon in NFTs (right)

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