Singapore’s PSB and ACCESS launches Ethereum-powered blockchain diploma

17 June, 2020

PSB Academy, one of Singapore’s leading private education institutions, will be offering a ‘Diploma in Blockchain’ programme for students from July 2021 onwards, according to a statement.

The course is jointly-developed by PSB Academy, ACCESS, a non-profit association for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry in Singapore, and Skilltree, a sustainable educational ecosystem for teachers, experts, and students.

This is the world’s first academic programme to be supported by the Ethereum Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting Ethereum and related technologies. Upon completion of the one-year course, students will be awarded with a Diploma in Blockchain. The course equips individuals with extensive blockchain knowledge and the skills needed to pursue professional endeavours within the industry.

“As blockchain technology continues to dominate the financial domain, giving birth to cryptocurrencies, decentralised systems and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), it is important that our students are given the opportunity to equip themselves with the skills, tools and knowledge in the subject,” said Mr Derrick Chang, CEO of PSB Academy.

The course is designed to introduce students to decentralised technologies and give a technical understanding of how blockchain operates. With this knowledge, students will then be able to apply it in real-time scenarios. The diploma course will begin with an introduction to programming, followed by an overview of blockchain technology, and conclude with students gaining exposure to coding language, tools and frameworks used in building a decentralised application. Their usage of the Ethereum software and technology will allow them to earn an onchain certificate of completion from the Ethereum Foundation.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to fulfil these objectives:

  • Have a comprehensive understanding of decentralised systems, their functions and the effects it has on an organisation and industries as a whole
  • Appreciate the differences between centralised and decentralised solutions
  • Be able to identify how to meaningfully integrate blockchain technology into business
  • Have an in-depth understanding of the history and latest developments in blockchain
  • Be able to appraise existing blockchain solutions, identifying existing challenges and propose new solutions
  • Gain understanding of the Solidity smart contract programming language
  • Have a basic understanding of code exploits, attack vectors and methods to tackle them
  • Be able to develop and code real-world blockchain solutions on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Have knowledge on Blockchain Interoperability and its implications

PSB Academy, in conjunction with the Skilltree team, will be involved in the development of curriculum on the Skilltree platform, which the educators from PSB Academy will then deliver to students. ACCESS will be responsible for providing industry expertise, case studies, and career opportunities for students who have enrolled in the course. Students will also be receiving an NFT certificate from the Ethereum Foundation to verify that they have completed the course, a first of its kind from the Ethereum Foundation.

“Singapore’s position as one of the largest financial hubs and technology leaders in Asia allows it to be one of the key markets in the utilisation of blockchain technology, and the development of talents in the industry,” added Anson Zeall, Chairman of ACCESS.

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