Rakuten to launch an NFT Marketplace in Japan

September 8, 2021

Rakuten, the Japanese internet giant, is reportedly stepping into the NFT space and will be launching an NFT marketplace and sales platform supposedly in the spring of the year 2022. In an announcement released last week, the platform which will be called Rakuten NFT will be allowing the sale and buying of digital content in a variety of categories like sports and entertainment along with music and anime.

The official announcement said: “NFTs are a breakthrough technology in the digital content field because of their ability to guarantee the uniqueness and rarity of digital data, and in recent years they have attracted attention in fields such as sports and entertainment because of their potential to bring new innovation to the content industry.”

The announcement also said the platform is going to be user-friendly, and the IP holders won’t require having the knowledge of blockchain technology if they intend to issue the NFTs. Moreover, the Rakuten NFT platform is going to be connected to other Rakuten services, which means that the users of Rakuten will be capable of acquiring NFTs and prizes and gifts while buying other products or meeting certain criteria.

However, it should be noted that Rakuten is not the first Japanese firm to step into the world of NFTs, as back in the month of June, GMO Financial Holdings formed a joint venture with Samurai Partners


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