Q&A: Todd Morakis, Co-Founder, Crypto Investment Bank JST Capital

By Staff Writer

Todd Morakis, the co-founder of JST Capital,  introduces his firm to the readers of Blockchain Asset Review. Morakis, formerly of UBS, discusses how the company helps his clients take advantage of the opportunities in the emerging digital asset class.

Q: What is the value proposition of JST Capital? How does you differentiate yourself for other players in the blockchain space?

A: JST Capital bridges the gap between traditional finance and the blockchain eco-system.  We are a team of finance professional who bring traditional financial products and services to the unique needs of investors, banks and brokers looking to manage their financial risks and improve the return of their crypto holdings.  We pride ourselves on creative problem solving and our ability to leverage our years of experience in finance and crypto currencies to solve our client’s problems.

Q: How do you help your clients incorporate digital assets into traditional financial services?

A: The crypto asset community continues to grow and evolve rapidly.  Over the past 5 years that we’ve been involved in the crypto community, we’ve seen investors and crypto companies increasingly understand the value of using traditional financial products.  Given our experience in finance and our understanding of the unique challenges of digital assets, we are able to tailor financial solutions to more effectively solve our client’s problems.

Q: What are some of the key trends in the crypto industry? The future of the cryptocurrency industry?

A: We see a clear increase in the number of investors starting to see crypto as another asset class that should be a part of their portfolios. Interestingly, we are seeing a growing interest from Macro investors, those who are looking at investing in larger economic trends, instead of day to day trading.  We also see a broader adoption of blockchain technology with more projects coming to production.  This will in turn increase both the adoption and acceptance of crypto assets.

Q: Who are your target clients? How successful have you been on boarding new clients?

A: We mainly target Institutional Investors, including hedge funds and family offices.  We also work with trading firms, banks, and brokers in the crypto eco-system. We’ve been growing our client base rapidly over the past year and since we have an office in Singapore staffed with experienced bankers and crypto experts, we’re able to offer 24/7 support to our clients and provide them best in class financial services, regardless of their location.

Q:  What is JST Capital’s business in Asia/US, current operations and forward-looking strategy?

A: Our core business focus is OTC and proprietary trading.  We also help our clients manage their risks by developing proprietary risk models that produce daily reports.  We’ve also been very active in the Crypto Repo markets and have been growing our asset management business over the last few months.  We expect these businesses to continue to grow as the level of adoption of crypto increases among institutional investors.

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