Q&A: Karen New, author of comic books on history of money and cryptos

By Staff Writer

Q: What inspired you to write it the comic book on the history of money and cryptos? Why did you create Wish I Knew?

KN: I wish someone would have introduced me to financial knowledge when I was young. So, when I learnt about the next generation of money, I wanted to share it with my nephew.  He was 7 years old so I started with the history of money and Bitcoin. He actually understood and then it caught on me that maybe kids can absorb better as kids do not have to unlearn. It was a pleasant surprise for me and I hope that when parents read this book to their children, they can have a similar realisation. I do not know how to describe it in words. It is beyond happiness and satisfaction to see a child’s growth with a simple comic book.

Personally, I learned about the concept of the database via a comic book. So I thought “why not I do the same for people to learn about Blockchain, Bitcoin, which seem too technical and complex. Instead of talking about technology, this comic book talks about the implication of how our life will be like with these technologies. Similar to the Internet revolution, we do not have to know how TCPIP works, we are just happy using the internet.

Likewise, I read this comic to my nephew and explain to him when he asks me more. I also hope to evoke the parents’ curiosity to learn more about the Blockchain ecosystem when they read to their kids. Parents can take baby steps to learn together with your children by getting the workbook edition sold separately. By taking part in some activities, I hope both parents and children will learn more about the blockchain revolution.

Q: Were you trained as a comic book writer? How long did it take for you write/draw this book?

KN: No, I came up with the concept but I work with comic writers and artists. I took about 8 months to complete a 3-part mini-series. Issue 1 is about money and crypto but the full 3-part series is about life with Blockchain technology.

Q: That chose a very peculiar medium to tell the amazing story of cryptos. Is it aimed at the younger population who are more prone to reading comics?

KN: I feel that adults find blockchain a difficult subject. Therefore, I thought a comic book will bring down the barrier. And, to use a comic book to introduce topics like the history of money, Bitcoin and blockchain will allow both parents and children to start to explore and learn more.


Q: What is the most fun part of writing a comic on cryptos?

KN: Creating it with my nephew is an enjoyable process. Knowing that he understands what life may be like in the future with blockchain technology gives me a form of satisfaction. And I would like all kids to have it too. The bond I built by creating this comic with him creates an emotional bond between me and him. It is a wonderful feeling beyond words.

Q: What were the most challenging aspects of writing it?

KN: Editing it. Because it is hard to edit comics. Even though I have edited the text a few times before it was presented in a storyboard and edited again. I would still want to edit it even after it is coloured. Somehow, you always feel that there is room for improvement. So, it has come to a point where I have to stop reading it and tell myself that I have to stop it and release it to the market. I can always compile and edit in the future.

Q: How are you going to distribute it? Is it just a digital/e-book or you are actually going to publish them as physical books?

KN: I would like to distribute it both as an E-book and physical books. It will be free for subscribers of the www.wishiknewcomics.com.

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