Post-coronavirus: Things companies can learn from blockchain

By Staff Writer

Tamara Haasen describes how blockchain influences the peer-to-peer structure of technology company IOHK and how all employers could apply it to the post-Covid-19 workplace.

IOHK has engineered  blockchain software, which allows all kinds of data to be stored in thousands, or even millions of computers around the world simultaneously, meaning it is immune to attack on any individual computer and loss of data is essentially impossible.

Truly decentralised working models go beyond mere working from home and could mean the eradication of offices, fixed hours, and even conventional business hierarchies like boards and CEOs. At a time when companies are adjusting fast to digitally distributed workforces, there’s a lot to be learned from the way that blockchain runs a distributed financial system without a central authority.

It’s likely that the coronavirus pandemic will result in permanent changes to ways of working. These changes will mean companies have to consider root-and-branch reform of their working models. Ultimately, a decentralised model of working can allow companies to build a self-sufficient, remote workforce.


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