Mokens League soccer game characters dropping as NFTs

May 25, 2022
By Murtuza Merchant

NFT-based eSports platform Mokens League Wednesday announced a limited mint of Genesis NFTs of its in-game characters will go on sale starting July 2022, which will give testers and holders the opportunity to give feedback to shape the game and help fix bugs before its official release in early 2023.

The NFT characters power competitive gameplay for a chance to win tokens within the Mokens League, which will feature a variety of sports games across metaverses, enabling players to connect in their favorite virtual space and use their assets while playing fun games.

When the full game is released to the public, players will be able to play with a team of ‘free agents’ until they decide to invest in characters of their own. Genesis NFTs will grant holders eternal access to matches and competitions.

“NFTs and tokens can be enticing for players to play our games, but as always, what will retain gamers is fantastic gameplay and eSports mechanics. The longest played games in the world right now are competitive eSports. That’s why our main priority is to make a game that is fun to play, easy to get going, but hard to master,” said Martin Repetto, Founder, and CEO of Mokens League.

“Like Chess or Poker, there will be different levels where people can compete without getting overrun by pros or hardcore players. These games should also be as fun to play as they are to watch because the streaming community is the number one driver of game adoption at the moment,” he added.

Developed by Martin Repetto and Max Radice, 20-year veterans in the gaming and technology space who were also the masterminds behind Voxelus, one of the early 3D social VR games to truly empower creators.

The prices for the Genesis NFTs will range from 0.1-1 ETH and will be available for purchase in late July 2022.

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