Mokens League launches NFT based “Play to Win” soccer eSports platform

March 10, 2022

By Anjali Kochhar

Monster League studios, creator of Mokens league, a game platform for winning and earning announced Thursday the launch of its “play to win” NFT based gaming platform that seeks to bridge eSports and NFTs.

Mokens League games, which include soccer, tennis, basketball, hockey, and beach volleyball, work in a sustainable “play to win” environment that puts the focus back on gameplay, quality, skill and fun.

An official release shared with Blockchain Asset Review noted that players will be able to earn the Mokens League in-game currency by playing and winning games, leagues, and tournaments.

“In-game currency can be used to purchase NFTs that can then be used on your team, traded, lent, or sold in the Mokens League marketplace, the in-game currency also has several use cases for upgrading NFTs, purchasing consumable items and in a not so distant future, customizing the Mokens League metaverse,” it said.

Martin Repetto, CEO of Monsters League Studios LLC commented, “While we are thrilled and excited about the massive growth of crypto-based gaming, we can’t help but notice that there is a fundamental problem right now. The problem is in the current state of ‘play to earn’, people get rewarded for just spending time on a game that does not work. This is not fun or challenging and definitely not sustainable,”

“NFTs and tokens can be enticing for players to play our games, but as always, what will retain gamers is fantastic gameplay and eSports mechanics. The longest played games in the world right now are competitive eSports. That’s why our main priority right now is to make a game that is fun to play, easy to get going but hard to master,” he said.

Mokens League will be conducting private and public sales of its token, $MOKA, in the coming months. The company will also be launching its in-game NFTs through its marketplace.

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