Majority of Americans have basic knowledge of cryptocurrency

November 20, 2021
The non-partisan think tank – Pew Research Center – surveyed more than 10,000 U.S. citizens to understand the level of crypto awareness among them. According to the results, 24% of participants said they knew a lot about digital assets, while 62% said they had only heard of them. 13% don’t know what bitcoin, ether, or any other virtual token is.

The poll also found that 31% of US citizens with higher incomes are more likely to have heard of cryptocurrencies, while the percentage rises to 25% among those with an average salary. Only 21% of low-income people have basic knowledge in this area.

The number of people who know cryptocurrencies has increased dramatically since similar research in 2015 showed that less than 50% of people knew about bitcoin. The share of actual crypto investors and those who deal with the asset class, however, is only 16%. The trends change dramatically when it comes to men between the ages of 18 and 29. According to the survey, they are the most active demographic in the industry with 43% of them having experience investing, trading or using digital assets. This share among women under 30 is 19%.

Predictably, people over 65 have shown no desire to jump on the digital asset bandwagon
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