Japan’s famous director Muranishi Toru experimenting with blockchain art industry

21 July 2021

Famous Japanese director Muranishi Toru Teams Up with AR7 to Tackle Blockchain Art Industry. Cherie gallery is organizing a blockchain art exhibition in New York City, according to a statement published online.

AR7 announces its exciting and exclusive collaboration with Muranishi Toru, who is known Japan as a legend. AR7 is a trendy blockchain tech start-up focused on the art industry. It is based in Singapore and operated by TreasureGate Pte Ltd. Its aim in partnering with Muranishi Toru is to enhance and expand the blockchain art business, which is gaining a lot of traction as the next wave of the industry.

AR7 incorporates its two integral services by pairing AR7 Tech (www.ar7.io, a blockchain platform solution geared to address the needs of the art industry) and Cherie Gallery (www.cherie.gallery, a blockchain art, and traditional art gallery) with the aim of cultivating a global gallery market that is of benefit to content creators around the world.

In addition, Cherie is currently organizing a blockchain art exhibition that will launch in New York City on July 22, 2021. It will take place on Broadway Road, NY.

Spearheading the elaborate exhibition, Cherie Gallery operates as the second arm of Treasuregate Pte Ltd., which in turn serves as a ground-breaking gallery that specializes in traditional artwork and the unique arena of blockchain artwork. In fact, it unites hundreds of esteemed artists and gallery users on a single platform. Furthermore, Cherie Gallery plans to launch offline shops in New York City, London, and Tokyo within the third quarter. This incredible undertaking will enable a diverse range of art lovers to own widely disseminated digital artwork.

AR7 has preemptively put protections in place on the artists’ behalf, offering a fully transparent and tamper-proof transfer of digital ownership each time the works are resold. In essence, this gives content creators more control over their work, staving off the middlemen and actively encouraging potential buyers. The aim of Treasuregate Pte Ltd. is to improve the traceability of creative artwork, as well as guarantee the authenticity and the intellectuality of the work itself.

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