Imprisoned infamous scammer Anna Sorokin is launching an NFT collection

June 17, 2022

By Sharan Kaur Phillora

Infamous scammer Anna Sorokin, who spent four years in prison for fraud, says she is “trying to move away from this, like, ‘scammer’ persona” that has “been pushed upon me by the prosecution and by the following media and by the Netflix show [Inventing Anna].” What better way to do that than by selling a collection of NFTs?

Here’s what we know:

In conversation with NBC News she said that she has minted 10 NFTs. Holders will somehow have “exclusive access” to Sorokin, who is in a correctional facility under the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The NFT holders will seemingly have the chance to meet Sorokin, who has appealed her pending deportation. Holders will also receive a bundle of “personal items” from Sorokin, who, again, is in detention.

“It’s kind of one of the first steps I’m taking to start to tell my own story,” Sorokin said. She claimed that “blockchain will be very helpful for the artist” to “reclaim the ownership and [profit] from future sales.” It’s not as if the NFT market has completely bottomed out.

Russian-born Sorokin, more commonly known by her alias, Anna Delvey, rose to fame after gaining traction in the elite Manhattan social scene. Her status as a pretend socialite, sitting on a make-believe $60 million trust fund gave her the platform to convince wealthy people to invest money in her art foundation and social club.

Sorokin was convicted of eight felonies including grand larceny and theft of services and spent nearly four years behind bars. She remains in custody in a U.S. immigration detention center where she’s facing possible deportation.

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