HK public transport operator MTR enters the metaverse

April 22, 2022

By Sharan Kaur Phillora

Hong Kong’s State-owned public transit operator MTR (Mass Transit Railway) Corp has jumped on the metaverse train with The Sandbox to offer virtual rail transit experiences.

Here’s what we know:

According to the announcement, the world-class transport operator aims to create a railway-focused virtual space to bring unique, fun, and immersive experiences through gamification. The company wants to bring “customer experience into a new arena” and “engage creators to build this new community platform together.”

As MTR Corporation is the first to enter the metaverse in its industry, it comes with a list of unique ideas. The announcement reveals that the company has designed the system for players to enjoy multi-level travel that stretches the imagination beyond a train ride. All of this would be done by “mimicking and gamifying” the physical rail system.

The Sandbox revealed that MTR has acquired land in the metaverse to build an immersive train station. The subway system also plans to interact with old customers, especially the younger generation. The company wants to pass on its heritage to the virtual world with its “security, reliability, customer service and efficiency”.

The announcement also hinted at the possibility of a railway museum to commemorate the times when the MTR connects to Hong Kong’s communities and cultures. Meanwhile, MTR Corporation will consider using the virtual world to help with STEM education.

Notably, MTR carries nearly 13 million passengers every working day around the world, in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia,` and mainland China.


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