EOS Developer Block.one Wins Patent for Driving Positive Feedback on Social Media

Staff Writer

Block.one is known as the company that developed EOS, one of the largest blockchain-based platforms for building decentralized applications.

Now, it has been working on a new social media platform known as Voice which aims to reward content creators for making contributions to the platform.

According to media reports (see here), the company has been awarded a patent for the new technology that encourages users to offer positive and meaningful feedback on social media networks. They had submitted a document on April 28, 2020 to the US Patent and Trademark Office after having filed its patent application back in May of last year.

Brendan Blumer, the CEO at Block.one, had first announced the Voice social media project back in June of last year. Voice is presently in its private beta stage.

As noted in the filing, the software publisher aims to address major problems with existing social media platforms. Specifically, Block.one plans to provide proper incentivization methods for social media users, which would include better ways to offer constructive feedback such as upvotes, comments, and likes. This could help improve the quality of interaction on these platforms.

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