Decentralised sharing economy start-up ShareRing joins China’s Blockchain-based Service Network

 By Staff Writer

ShareRing, the global decentralized sharing ecosystem making services and goods accessible for all, has announced they have been selected to join China’s Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN).

“We are honoured to partner with BSN, joining industry giants like Ethereum, Neo and Tezos. We share their vision of removing costly entry barriers to blockchain technology and its benefits for businesses and individuals regardless of their size, resources, or industry expertise. We are confident we will achieve our mission together,” said Tim Bos, CEO of ShareRing (See photo above).

China’s BSN aims to become the Internet of Blockchains with the most easily accessible and affordable network that uses a cross-cloud, cross-portal, and cross-framework global public infrastructure.

Developers can simply plug-and-play to integrate DApps allowing them to focus on innovation and programming smart contracts, reducing the time and costs associated with interfacing blockchain technologies with traditional legacy systems.

The criteria for acceptance into the network is selective, only focusing on projects deemed to have the greatest potential and impact in the world for businesses and users.

ShareRing’s platform, which uses distributed ledger technology (DLT) to create a global enterprise-ready sharing ecosystem, was chosen because of its low-cost, modular infrastructure and contribution potential of the network.

Both the BSN Foundation and ShareRing align on their vision to lower the cost for businesses to enter the blockchain era, making blockchain technology accessible for as many people as possible around the world. Monthly access begins as low as US$20.

“The BSN Foundation is pleased to welcome ShareRing into our ecosystem. Their ability to offer seamless integration with a broad range of DApps will be a strong addition to our vision to build an inclusive and accessible blockchain network for the world,” said Michael Ma, COO of the BSN Foundation.

ShareRing’s DLT ecosystem increases collaboration across a wide-range of borders and industries including travel, insurance, logistics and marketplaces. Through their existing partnerships, the application has already been connected with more than 2 million merchants worldwide.

Prior to integrating with China’s BSN, ShareRing made headlines for announcing private contact-tracing passport in a bid to use blockchain to revive the decimated global tourism industry. The self-sovereign ID system has been integrated with Thailand’s e-visa on arrival system and new partnerships with the region are yet to be announced.

ShareRing’s ecosystem is backed by 12 Peers Capital Markets, Alphabit, GDA Capital and Alpha Sigma Capital.

Last month, ShareRing launched the first private contact-tracing passport that can be integrated with e-visa on arrival systems (eVOA), travel insurance companies, airlines, hotels and retail shops, in a bid to revive the global tourism industry (See here).

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