Cyberian launches world’s first trustless exchange for block trading of digital assets

By Staff Writer

Cyberian, the new institutional crypto off-exchange liquidity venue, has announced its launch of the world’s first trustless venue for trading blocks of digital assets.

The company is purportedly the world’s only trustless matching system of digital assets with no central entity.

Gerrit van Wingerden, CEO of Cyberian said that his firm “is set to create a new institutional standard, a much safer and more efficient standard of large investment into digital assets.”

“Gone are the days of price leakage and uncertainty of privacy,” he said, adding that “Cyberian will be the world’s most advanced private network for matching and settling assets – that is completely trustless.”

HIs team, he said, has been working on it for the past 12 months, and “can’t wait to see it revolutionize the crypto industry.”

“The system is a matching tool that is without any one single point of trust, and, ultimately enables investors to buy and sell digital assets with zero information leakage and superior prices,” a company statement said.

The system uses Secure Multiparty Computing (SMC) to break order data into fragments and distribute them to Cyberian nodes.

It can be mathematically proven that even if a node is breached, it is impossible to compromise the order data, truly making a trustless matching and trusted settlement system.

Cyberian was founded by TORA, cloud-based order and execution platform, and Partisia, a provider of secure multiparty computation solutions.

The founders of Cyberian each have over 20 years of industry experience in developing trading technology and cryptography.

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