Chinese photographer Ruya Qian partners with Metaverse blockchain firm Coinllectibles™️ to mint Fusion NFT™️

September 13, 2021

Born in Suzhou, China, Ruya obtained her Bachelor of Arts from the Shanghai Jiaotong University. She later worked on her craft in San Francisco and graduated with a Masters in Fine Arts (Photography) from the San Francisco Art Institute in California, USA. Ruya’s artistic practice utilizes the medium of photography, moving images and installations to explore the dichotomies and tensions of perception, whether it is triggered by societal issues or the individual’s mindsets. Ruya’s works are usually heavily mined on the legacy of artist self-portraiture where she often embed and re-position her own self into the composition of her images.

“I like to exploit the duality that’s embodied in every human being, as I strive to harmonize the private and dark spheres of the inner self against the public self that must conform to the stringent social expectations in order to work and survive,” said Ruya.

Sharing her views on delving into the NFT space, Ruya opined, “I am a photographer by passion and profession and my works are in print and/or installations. From my understanding, Fusion NFTs™️, unlike some NFTs, allow collectors and people who appreciate my art to enjoy both the digital asset, as well as the physical art piece/installation, where the ownership title is minted onto the Fusion NFT™️. Furthermore, I take comfort in knowing that the Fusion NFT™️ consists of legal protection embedded within it that adds authentication and provenance for the artwork and this benefits both the artist as well as the collector.”

Benny Phang, Head of Partnerships at Coinllectibles™️ said, “In recent months, we have onboarded established painters, sculptors, graphic designers, and watch-makers to mint our Gold Standard Fusion NFTs™️. Ruya Qian is the first photographer to join our lineup and we are very excited to see how this partnership pans out. We hope to impress upon the community that the collectibles space is not just limited to paintings. We envision to bring a holistic offering to the NFT community with our Fusion NFTs™️.”

Ruya’s many accolades include being the finalist of Beijing’s prestigious Three Shadows’ Photography Award in 2016, as well as being shortlisted in Fotofilmic in 2017 and 2018, and the proud recipient of the China Young Elite Artist in 2018, among others. She was also invited to participate in the large-scale Ningbo Photography Week in 2018 and 2010. Notably, her images were included in “The Gallery Project” at the 2018 Armory Show in New York


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