Chinese authorities reveal shortlisted national blockchain-based pilot units

December 24, 2021

Chinese authorities disclosed a shortlist of blockchain-based pilot units across the nation to the public on Wednesday (December 22, 2021). The move by the authorities is done in order to begin the practical trials in sectors including manufacturing, energy and finance, and advance the blockchain sector’s global competitiveness.

“The shortlisted pilot units (and zones) shall follow the principle of honesty and credibility. Falsification is strictly prohibited. Hyping cryptocurrency in the name of blockchain innovation, bitcoin mining, illegal fundraising, money laundering and pyramid sales are prohibited,” read a statement on the website of the CAC. The pilot units are expected to undertake innovative trials in various sectors like local governments, companies, universities, departments of justice and health commissions.

There will be comprehensive trials in the local governments of Haidian district in Beijing, Guangzhou in South China’s Guangdong, and the Xiong’an New Area in North China’s Hebei.

The shortlist is open to public comment from Wednesday until December 28. Anyone who disagrees with the list could contact the relevant departments, the statement said.

Source: Global Times

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