China’s Chang’An chain to accelerate blockchain adoption in the country

June 16, 2021

The blockchain software and hardware technology system Chang’an Chain held a conference recently. At the conference, a 96-core blockchain-specific acceleration chip was released with 23 companies such as Sinopec, China Telecom, and China Electronics joining Chang’an ecosystem. Up to now, there are 50 members of the Changan Chain ecosystem, according to People’s Daily.

It is understood that the Changan Chain is the first independent and controllable blockchain software and hardware technology system in China. The 96-core blockchain dedicated acceleration chip released this time has independent and controllable core technology. The ultra-high-performance blockchain dedicated acceleration platform built with the chip at the core can increase the processing speed of blockchain transfer smart contracts by 50 times, and provide technological support for breaking through the performance bottleneck of large-scale blockchain network transactions.

At present, Beijing is actively deploying the application of the Chang’an Chain in the business scenarios of various commissions, offices, and bureaus, and promoting the launch of the electronic seal system based on the Chang’an Chain in the city. The North District of Zhongguancun Science City, located in Haidian District, Beijing, has started the construction of a blockchain computing power platform. The platform will have more than 200,000 blockchain computing units. After completion, it can support more than 1 million nodes and process peak transactions per second. 1 million ultra-large-scale blockchain network operations.

(Originally published in the People’s Daily. The story has been translated into English from Chinese)

Image: Pixhere

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