Binance, FTX, and a16z vacked game studio ready to launch ‘Play-and-Own’ NFT game ‘NFL Rivals’

May 27, 2022

By Sharon Kaur Phillora

The National Football League (NFL), NFL Players Association (NFLPA), and next-generation game technology studio Mythical Games today announced a strategic partnership to create “ NFL Rivals “.

Here’s what we know:

The game will officially launch in 2023, but fans will have an opportunity to purchase 32 limited-quantity collections of 3D NFL-themed NFTs in a series of drops prior to the game’s release.

Billy Shautz, NFL Rivals’ Executive Producer at Mythical Games, shared in an interview with Decrypt that Rivals will be “arcade-style” with 3D models. And because the game is free to play, each user will be given a starter team at first launch.

When it comes to Web3 elements, the game will be “play and earn” as well as “play and own,” meaning players can earn tokens as well as NFTs by winning matches or completing set objectives. Shautz shared that while Mythical isn’t quite ready to share any details on earning tokens just yet, there are some Ethereum-based token plans for the game.

NFL Rivals will offer a solo gameplay mode and a non-live player vs. player (PVP) mode. In solo, a player will pit their team against a real, existing NFL lineup. In the non-live PVP mode, players can compete against other players’ assembled teams. In every match, gamers will be able to choose football plays for their teams to execute in an effort to secure wins.

“Partnering with the NFL to drive new fan and player engagement through fresh game design and the benefits of Web3 is an exciting moment for us,” said Jamie Jackson, the chief creative officer at Mythical Games. “NFTs with utility can add value to players in-game, and we can’t wait to bring these concepts to NFL Rivals to evolve the team management genre by adding the advantages of play-and-own games, offering the community new ways to engage with their favorite teams and players both in and outside this virtual world.”

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