Bahamas-based crypto exchange firm FTX furnishes a framework for crypto regulation

December 7, 2021
FTX furnished a document titled, ‘FTX’s Key Principles for Market Regulation of Crypto-Trading Platforms’ explaining 10 proposals that will help policymakers to constructively regulate the digital asset ecosystem. This news comes ahead of the financial committee hearing scheduled on December 8, 2021.
Commenting on the same, FTX CEO and Co-founder Sam Bankman noted, “We view these principles as a framework for conversation – both in the US and in jurisdictions where regulatory guidance could be more clear. We want to engage in an open dialogue with regulators and help establish a set of rules to level the playing field for everyone in our industry and to allow innovation in our space to continue to flourish. These principles were created with the protection of investors and the public as a top priority. We hope we can work with regulators in the US and ultimately around the world to implement sensible regulatory frameworks.”
The hearing of the House of Financial Services Committee will be attended by various top-ranking execs of major crypto firms in the United States. The discussion will cover issues pertaining to the digital assets market and the future of finance.
Source: Tron Weekly
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