Accenture designs its own metaverse for employees

April 21, 2022

By Priyanka Shetty

Accenture has announced that it will make 150,000 new hires to work from the metaverse using VR headsets starting from their first day. The company’s virtual campus on the metaverse is called the Nth floor, where people will meet to learn and collaborate.

The company is in the process of deploying 60,000 VR headsets in multiple countries.

Accenture believes that web3 and Metaverse are transforming the virtual world and has launched a Metaverse Continuum Group led by Paul Daugherty, the Group Chief Executive and Chief Technology Officer.

Accenture actually started looking out for new ways to hire after the pandemic strike. The work-from-home way has already accustomed people to the virtual world and Metaverse is an extension of that. Daugherty noted that he has held several meetings on the Nth floor already.

The Metaverse Continuum business will help introduce clients to metaverse learning and advance strategies, experiences and operations in the area. Accenture has 40 clients that are involved in the metaverse.

Accenture and Microsoft to help digitise its supply chain by embracing the digital twins concept. Also, Accenture’s India centre houses a studio to work on client requirements for the metaverse including development of architecture for NFTs.


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