A hoax call turn into Rs. 2 crore crypto scam in India

February 9, 2020

A fake call about an alleged armed robbery at angadiya firm opposite the Varachha police station in India’s Gujarat state prompted the police to chase a wild goose which ended in a massive case of robbery worth Rs 2 crore.

Here’s what we know:

  • The scam grew roots when an auto parts businessman, Vinaj Jain, came in contact with Lakshminarayan in Hyderabad who, as claimed, deals in cryptocurrency. The latter lured Vinay Jain, the complainant, to invest in crypto for better returns and after agreeing, introduced to Pintoo Kumar Jha, the accused.
  • After a few meetings, Jain deposited Rs. 6 crores ($0.8 million)in an angadiya firm. He later traveled to Surat with his brother Aakash, Lakhminarayana, and his driver Shinu, lured by the accused to open a crypto account.
  • Jha took the Rs. 2 Crore ($0.3 Million) for the purpose of creating his crypto account in an angadia firm named ‘Shree Siddhi Vinayak Enterprise’ in Varachha. However, there was no trace of transfer in his crypto account, and on further questioning Jain was thrashed by about eight others who joined in on the argument with Jha. The accused had fled the commotion before police arrived.
  • “It was a pre-plan by the accused to beat them up and steal the cash. Jain and the other three left the city after the incident and reached Mumbai. However, they decided to file a police complaint and returned again to Surat on Saturday and filed a complaint, “ police stated.
  • Based on the complaint filed, Varracha police has registered an offense of dacoity (section IPC 365) against those accused.

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